Perfect for Mechanical and Boiler Room flooring such as those found in Schools, Hospitals, and Commercial Buildings.

Urethane Floor Coatings are designed for industrial floor applications where the surface has become cracked and in need of resurfacing and resealing. The system provides the necessary coverage to hide track marks, spalls, and other concrete imperfections to give the floor a solid profile. The system creates an attractive high performance floor that is waterproof, extremely durable, safe to traverse, and easy to clean. Tri-State Facade Services has been providing specialty building maintenance solutions for over 25 years. By following a strict process of evaluation, estimation and preparation, combined with our experienced certified crews, we strive to provide unmatched quality in both service and workmanship.



Aging mechanical & boiler rooms are filled with critical mechanical equipment vital to the reliable operation of a building, such as schools, hospitals, and commercial properties. Leaks from
occasional drain backups, burst pipes, spills or seepage could lead to the potential damage of expensive equipment or property.

The Objective

Mechanical and equipment room traffic coatings protect concrete substrates. This protection lowers maintenance costs, prolongs the substrate’s service life, and prevents scaling and spalling. The coatings provide excellent crack-bridging capabilities that prevent leaks into or through the concrete, which can cause re-bar rust and damage the structure.

Tri-State Solution

Tri-State Facade Services provides reliable Urethane Flooring Solutions designed for areas in need of resurfacing and resealing. Surfaces are prepped by removing all loose and failing membrane. A two-part coating is then applied to the concrete (as well as to wood, metal and steel surfaces), which stands up to abrasion, water, scuffing, and even resists gasoline, greases and acids. The results are an attractive, high performance floor which is waterproof, extremely durable, safe to traverse, and easy to clean.

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