Certified Installers

Tri-State is one of the only Certified Installers of all 4 Major Certifications offered by MM Systems in the states of NY, MA, and CT.

Expansion Joints are designed to safely absorb the expansion and contraction of various construction materials, to absorb vibration, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes. They are commonly found between sections of sidewalks, bridges, and other structures. In concrete block (CMU) construction, the term applied is a control joint, but serves a similar purpose.

The expansion joint can be as simple as a caulked separation between two sections of the same materials or as complex as applying an impregnated expanding foam system such as those manufactured by MM Systems, of which we are certified installers.



A new 17 story tower was built connecting two existing buildings leaving 4” seismic joints in the floors and larger expansion joints between the structures. Seismic joints with fireproofing needed to be installed on multiple floors between the new and existing buildings. The exterior vertical areas required special preformed impregnated foam expansion joints due to the size of the space between the buildings, as it was beyond the capabilities of a wet sealant.

Tri-State Solution

For the floor expansion joints, Tri-State’s certified installers came in to install the ASJ Expansion Joint System which consists of an aluminum frame, centering bar, and cover plate. The Floor Fire Barrier Protection System (MM Pyro-Flex/PF Series) is placed beneath the frame and properly secured as to manufacturer’s specifications. This system was designed to present a clean and aesthetically pleasing sightline where the joints occur while still providing the seismic movement range between the structures.

The vertical joints between the buildings were solved using the MM ColorJoint / SIF Series Impregnated Expanding Foam. This foam system combines two high performance expansion joint systems into one monolithic waterproof sealing system. Dow Corning 790 factory applied seismic silicone face seal and a secondary micro-cell self-expanding foam impregnated with an acrylic polymer that is UV stable, flame resistant, and chemical resistant. With the joints being approximately 4” in width this foam system proved the ideal solution to provide a watertight, resilient, flexible seal.


“It is with great satisfaction that I recommend Tri-State as a Premier Building Services contractor. Tri-State was recommended to us through the MM Systems sales team as a certified installer of MM Products. MM has a product line of floor, wall, ceiling and roof joint cover systems for both Mechanical and procured systems. Due to the nature of the project, only a highly trained and certified contractor was considered.

We recently constructed a new 17 story tower between two existing structures which left 4” seismic joints on multi-floors as well as Vertical expansion joints between the structures themselves. The floor expansion Mechanical joints and fireproofing system were handled with exceptional expertise and precision. Due to the size of the space between the buildings a wet sealant was not an option on the Vertical Joints. Preformed impregnated foam was the best option and Tri-State’s certified installers completed the project both professionally and efficiently.

We would highly recommend the work of Tri-State for any building projects that you need.”

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