increase your building’s resistance to weathering

From aluminum flashings to Alucobond paneling, metal components are an integral part of almost any building’s facade. Keeping this metal functionally and aesthetically sound is no easy task. This specialized work can greatly increase your building’s resistance to water penetration and weathering, as well as provide a much needed visual make-over. Tri-State technicians can remove and replace damaged metal panels, as well as replace the sealant around them. Our team prides itself on the WOW factor that we can bring to a building, and nothing WOWS quite like shiny new metal!



Customer contacted Tristate in the fall having had a problem with multiple areas of water penetration over the years. Other companies had viewed the job but not properly diagnosed the situation. The customer was looking to solve the problems under a strict time constraint by the end of the year.

Tri-State Solution

After meeting with hotel representatives, Tri-State made the following observations and recommendations:

  • 20% of the building had flashing on bottom sills of window boxes while 80% did not
  • Customer acknowledged there had been an addition on the building and coincidentally the new addition had no leaking.

Tri-State proposed all window boxes to be flashed in a similar fashion, visually matching the existing flashing for aesthetic purposes. Customer gave the go ahead for work to be commenced in the beginning of November. Materials were ordered and work began on November 20th. Over 400 window boxes with 12 foot sections of flashing were installed and caulked by December 11th.

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