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We can beautify your buildings in an environmentally safe manner. All of our employees are trained in fall protection and safety standards far exceeding most of our competitors.

Many people make the mistake of paying thousands of dollars to repaint their building when simply power washing it would produce similar results for a fraction of the cost.

Our cleaning process will dramatically improve the appearance of your building by removing oxidized paint, mold, dirt, spider webs and other exterior pollutants that build up on your building’s surface degrading it’s appearance. We can safely clean almost any type of exterior surface including, aluminum/vinyl siding, wood, brick, stucco and more

Tri-State has been providing hot water power washing to the exterior of buildings, sidewalks, parking decks for many years. We can help restore your property to like new condition using only the safest biodegradable products and conforming with the EPA Standards. Choosing QUALIFIED contractors for Pressure Washing is not only a good idea but makes ¢. Often poorly trained individuals can perform more harm than good. Using an incorrect amount of pressure or the wrong tips can cause permanent damage to the building facade. Tri-State’s fully trained not only on cleaning your building but on safety aspects as well. Protecting the integrity of your investment is very important to us. As a past board member of the PWNA (Pressure Washers of North America) Jim Grady ensures Tri-State employees follow all pertinent safety regulations.

Water reclamation has become a bigger issue over the last decade. EPA has strict guidelines which govern the reclamation of used water to prevent damage to the ecosystem and surrounding ground water. Tri-State uses ONLY environmentally friendly and/or biodegradable products and when necessary can reclamate and recycle water as per EPA specifications.

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