Give your building the face-lift it needs

Give your building the face-lift it needs.  The aesthetic benefits of new brick and mortar are immediately apparent and completely change the curb appeal of a building.  Tri-State technicians can handle everything from basic brick pointing to removal and replacement of entire brick sections, and even completely rebuild a wall.  Pointing is necessary at some point in the life of all brick and stone structures.  The pointing process removes and replaces failed or damaged bricks and mortar which can crack and deteriorate over time.  This not only increases the structural integrity of the building, but also helps to prevent water from penetrating into cracks and causing damage to the inside of a wall or structure.



Tri-State was initially called in to examine caulk joint around windows. Upon visual inspection we noticed along with caulk failure there was another very urgent issue. The north wall along side the main entrance way had bulging bricks apparently delaminated, spalling and separating from substrate.  This area was a a main entrance at a busy public hospital. Pedestrian and auto traffic was high. Also upon closer inspection the entire wall looked as it could collapse at any moment posing a serious safety threat.

Tri-State Solution

Build up Scaffolding was originally scoped in to make the job run safe and smooth. However after a close inspection by aerial lift, the scaffold company decided it would not be safe to build up beyond two stories and to tie into a failing wall. Using this system Tri-State was able to install anchorage for the new brick wall and rebuild it to match seamlessly with existing wall.
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