Customer Quote

“It is with great satisfaction that I recommend Tri-State as a Premier Building Services contractor. Tri-State was recommended to us through the MM Systems sales team as a certified installer of MM Products. MM has a product line of floor, wall, ceiling and roof joint cover systems for both Mechanical and procured systems. Due to the nature of the project, only a highly trained and certified contractor was considered.

We recently constructed a new 17 story tower between two existing structures which left 4” seismic joints on multi-floors as well as Vertical expansion joints between the structures themselves. The floor expansion Mechanical joints and fireproofing system were handled with exceptional expertise and precision. Due to the size of the space between the buildings a wet sealant was not an option on the Vertical Joints. Preformed impregnated foam was the best option and Tri-State’s certified installers completed the project both professionally and efficiently.

We would highly recommend the work of Tri-State for any building projects that you need.”

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